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Martin C. Jischke Hall – The Innovation Wing

Purdue University

The new Innovation Wing of the Martin C. Jischke Hall of Biomedical Engineering was built to support a growing undergraduate class and graduate student activities, specifically to promote research and development to improve technology in medical devices and healthcare approaches.

The project constructed a 29,600 square foot addition to the original building, consisting of a basement and three above ground levels, housing small and large animal holding, small and large animal surgery suites, research and capstone design labs, study, gathering and office spaces.

Text BoxThe project budget and bidding climate necessitated the development of a series of alternates for the initial bidding cycle. The second floor research laboratory buildout alternate was not accepted under the first project; however, it was included in a separate project under a different construction manager and constructed to be complete at the same time as the overall addition.

Since the original building, completed in 2006, was designed to accommodate the addition, excess capacity in the existing air handling systems was used to accommodate a new variable air flow system in the lower level vivarium and surgery spaces. Supply and exhaust air valves were employed to control air change rates and pressurization relationships in critical spaces.

Variable air volume boxes and chilled beams were used in the lab, office and study spaces to provide efficient and effective temperature and humidity control. A new manifolded lab exhaust system was also added to handle all animal and lab space exhaust.

Hydronic piping, plumbing, fire protection, lab and medical gases are extended from the original building as well.

Both normal and emergency power for life safety and critical loads were extended from the existing building. Arc flash mitigation circuit breakers were designed to protect the new addition.

Lighting and lighting controls were designed to provide functionality, optimize energy performance and comply with the requirements of the Indiana Energy Code.



Mechanical Engineering
Plumbing & Piping Systems
Electrical Engineering
Lighting Design 




29,600 Square Feet


Jacob Denecke Senior Project Manager


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