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Ball State University

Worthen Arena Renovations

Ball State University desired to improve the efficiency, flexibility, and quality of the court and public space lighting in the 11,500-seat Worthen Arena.  Loftus Engineering was engaged directly by the University to research the LED lighting options available, and design a full replacement of the court, spectator, and concourse lighting.  In addition to the lighting replacement, lighting controls were selected to allow more light level options and switching control.

Loftus Engineering worked with multiple lighting and control manufacturers to develop a design that would allow competitive bidding among multiple, vetted light fixture manufacturers.  Existing HID, fluorescent, and quartz light fixtures were removed and replaced with energy-efficient, dimmable LED luminaires.

The new lighting system was designed to meet NCAA Best Lighting Practices for Division 1 National Broadcast Level.  

The full load power requirement for the arena and spectator lighting was reduced by 75% from the existing level by replacing predominantly quartz light fixtures with LED.  The concourse area lighting power draw was reduced by 55% from the existing level.

The new lighting controls system upgraded the existing capacity of 5 manual presets to a user-friendly graphical interface with the potential for hundreds of programmable preset schemes.  Each LED fixture is independently controlled.  A greater number of controller locations were also provided with a portable controller for use on the playing floor.  The multiple preset arrangements allow the selection of the appropriate luminaires to be energized to tailor the lighting for each use. 

In addition, a set of variable color/pattern robotic theatrical lights (GOBO) were installed and integrated into the controls to provide additional effects for the varied events planned for the arena.

Loftus Engineering was responsible for all electrical, lighting, and lighting controls engineering services for the project.


Electrical Engineering

Lighting Design




7,123 Renovated Square Feet


David Shepherd, Energy Engineer

Facilities Planning and Management

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