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Delphi Center

University of Louisville

This project is renovating a former library stack area to house the university’s Delphi Center, providing programming and resources to faculty members that encourage excellence in teaching and foster student learning.  The center includes a large collaborative training room with provisions for recording activities, smaller collaboration spaces, as well as consulting and office rooms for use by permanent and visiting teaching staff.

In addition to the complete renovation of the project area, the existing HVAC system serving the former stacks area, and surrounding spaces, is being completely replaced to improve the efficiency and maintainability of the mechanical systems.  The new variable air volume air handling unit is customized to fit in the space of the old multizone equipment.

The specific technology features of the space include collaboration stations, video recording capability, and information technology support.

The electrical system serving the Delphi Center was upgraded and expanded to accommodate the robust technology infrastructure required for the mission of the Center.

LED lighting is incorporated throughout this space, with occupancy-based lighting controls for energy code compliance and efficiency.


Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Lighting Design




8250 Renovated Square Feet

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