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Indiana University

Fort Wayne Campus: Helmke Library Renovation

This project completely replaced and modernized the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and telecommunications systems throughout the Helmke Library.  In addition, selected areas of the facility on the first and second floors of the building that constitute the main entrance to the library, library offices, and active learning spaces were reconfigured.  Minor renovation of the lower level, third and fourth floors were made to accommodate the mechanical and electrical upgrades, as well as minor space functional changes.


The energy efficiency of the building was improved by integrating LED lighting throughout and incorporating occupancy lighting controls.  The existing electric heating system was replaced with hydronic heating, extended from the adjacent building.  Variable flow HVAC with dynamic controls to minimize energy consumption during low occupancy periods were included.

A new wet-pipe fire protection system was added throughout, to take advantage of the removal of ceilings for renovation.

Loftus Engineering was responsible for all mechanical and electrical engineering services for the project.


Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering




108,000 Renovated Square Feet


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