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Airport Operations Center/ Emergency Operations Center

New Indianapolis International Airport

The new Airport Operations Center / Emergency Operations Center (AOC/EOC) for the Indianapolis International Airport is a 15,000 square foot facility, designed to remain in operation after a direct hit by a category 4 tornado. Its stout construction houses the operations center, which provides monitoring and control of all of the airport’s daily operations systems. The emergency operations center is adjacent, and is activated during emergency or heightened alert situations. These two functions are supported by the data center, housing all of the facility’s information and communication systems.

Mechanical and electrical systems for this building were designed with several layers of redundancy to ensure continuity of operations. Mechanical systems include an air-cooled chiller, variable-air-volume air handling unit with hydronic reheat, redundant heating water boilers and pumps, redundant computer room air conditioners and a backup water-source heat pump for the operations centers. Electrical power for the building is fed from the airport distribution system and is backed up by the facility’s emergency generator. Redundant uninterruptible power sources provide continuous power for the critical communications equipment.



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15,000 Square Feet


New Indianapolis International Airport


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