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Campus Mechanical and Electrical Master Plan

Rose Hulman Institute of Technology

This master plan process was completed in two phases. Phase I consisted of the Evaluation Phase. The mechanical and electrical systems and major equipment for all campus buildings were observed and assessed. The Phase I master Plan Report included the age, condition, capacity and known deficiencies, for each system in each building. In addition, the existing campus electrical distribution system was evaluated.

The project included the physical observation of each building system, as well as the review of all available building drawings and documents to prepare the evaluation report. A narrative of each system was included and presented to the stakeholders for the Institute.

Phase II of the master Plan consisted of a comprehensive report detailing recommendations for the repair, replacement, and upgrades to the campus building systems. This report built on the observations and narratives prepared for the first phase. Each building was itemized with recommended actions which, in the following years, became repair and replacement projects, as prioritized by the Institute.

Example projects included the retrofit of the steam heating system formerly serving several residence halls to a hot water boiler and heating water system, all performed over the summer break.

Loftus Engineering was responsible for all of the engineering services for this project. In addition, Loftus Engineering has been engaged to execute a number of the resulting R&R projects, based on the Master Plan report.



Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering


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22 Buildings


Mike Taylor Senior Director of Facilities Operations

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