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Downtown Parking Garage

Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency, Nashville, TN

This project constructed a 1,010-space parking garage adjacent to and concurrently with a housing tower, on a tight construction site in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. The structure provides 5 underground parking levels, carved into the rock structure below. The underground levels are mechanically ventilated with a variable volume supply and exhaust system that responds to the activity in the garage. Seven upper levels are also provided, to accommodate both residents in the adjacent tower, and the public.

Approximately 8,000 square feet of the structure was built to house retail space, for future tenants.

As a sub-consultant to Walker Consultants, Loftus Engineering provided the HVAC and ventilation system engineering for the project. This scope included elevator control room and office HVAC, as well as heating and ventilation for the shafts and electrical, controls and fire protection rooms.



Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering




385,000 New Square Feet


Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency, Nashville, TN


EOA Architects

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