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Electrical Engineering and Multiple Building Renovations (EGP)

Purdue University

This project updated and renovated selected areas in three College of Engineering Buildings on the West Lafayette campus, and is the second stepping stone in the Engineering Growth Plan developed by Purdue University to significantly increase enrollment capacity in its Engineering School.

Access between the original Electrical Engineering Building and adjacent Duncan Annex was a challenge due to varying floor heights between them. The existing connector structure was demolished and a new connector was constructed to alleviate the accessibility issues.

Duncan Annex was totally renovated and will continue to house a variety of spaces, including a research-oriented nuclear reactor, classrooms, robotics labs, new server room and office suites. An existing DL2 lab suite was renovated in the main building. A new ramp infill was also designed to be constructed early to allow continuous use of the rest of the building during construction during the school year.

The Materials and Electrical Engineering Building (MSEE) received a renovation in a portion of the first floor to expand the department’s student counselling spaces.

The nearby American Railway Building (RAIL) is a historic two-story structure that was renovated to house grad student work stations.

In all modified spaces, the mechanical systems were heavily modified or replaced with flexible and robust HVAC, plumbing, lab exhaust and lab gas services as needed to fulfill modern teaching and research needs. The electrical power system and lighting were upgraded and designed to support the renovated spaces and offer a broad range of power options to perspective emerging companies associated with the program.

Loftus Engineering was responsible for all aspects of the mechanical and electrical design, including HVAC, plumbing, compressed air, lighting, lighting controls, electrical power and fire alarm systems. A subsequent project being performed by the firm replaced the entire EE building fire alarm system, and was coordinated during the extensive renovation activity.



Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Lighting Design
Plumbing & Piping System




50,000 Total Remodeled Space in three buildings
8,600 New Construction


Robert Frosch
Senior Associate Dean of Facilities and Operations


MSKTD & Associates, Inc.

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