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Franklin Community High School

Franklin Community High School

The new Franklin High School replaced the community’s existing aging, undersized facility.  The complete campus includes academic classrooms, labs, cafeteria with full kitchen, gymnasium, field house, natatorium, auditorium with fly loft, outdoor athletic facilities and support buildings, such as locker and public facilities.

The heating system design included water tube hot water boilers and a pulse combustion condensing boiler for summer re-heat.  The cooling system design included air-cooled chillers in conjunction with a thermal ice storage system.  The air side systems consisted of a combination of variable air volume air handling units to serve classroom and administration areas, and constant volume units to serve the large assembly areas.  The outside air is pre-conditioned by energy recovery units which transfer energy from the exhaust air path to incoming ventilation air to increase energy efficiency.  The natatorium is conditioned by packaged pool dehumidification units.  The control system is a web-based direct digital control system.

Outdoor athletic fields, bleachers, lighting and amenities structures were also included in this project.



Mechanical Engineering
Plumbing & Piping System
Electrical Engineering
Lighting Design




470,000 Square Feet New Construction


Franklin Community School Corporation

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