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Hampton Hall of Civil Engineering Ground Floor and Basement Renovations

Purdue University

Before commencing design for this engineering facility renovation project, the Architect and Engineering team performed an extensive feasibility study to develop the best project scope that could be performed with the capitol funds available.

This project renovated and improved civil engineering laboratory and classroom spaces that support concrete fabrication, testing and research, as well as flex teaching labs and instruction areas on two floors of Hampton Hall. The project area was completely demolished, and fitted with all new casework and furniture.

To support the renovation, the HVAC system serving the project area was replaced, to include new air handling unit, laboratory supply and exhaust systems, shell and tube heat exchanger, steam condensate pump and terminal units.

The plumbing scope included provisions for new process, domestic and reverse osmosis water systems, natural gas, vacuum and compressed air systems and sanitary drain system with solids interceptors.

All new LED lighting, electrical panels and branch circuitry are included in the project, as well as new fire alarm and telecommunications system infrastructure.



Electrical Engineering
Plumbing & Piping Systems
Mechanical Engineering 


$3,690,670 (at DD)


14,762 Square Feet


Mark Sammons Capital Project Manager


MSKTD & Associates, Inc.

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