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Heine Pharmacy Building - Renovation of Labs 416 and 418

Purdue University

This project provided a full renovation for two adjacent laboratory spaces, one an active teaching lab and one an abandoned research lab, totaling 3,430 square feet. The project transformed the aging facilities into safer, more efficient labs to enhance the undergraduate learning experience and provide a valued researcher with a new, larger and more flexible space.

The project included the replacement of all HVAC, plumbing, power, lighting and technology systems in both labs. The ventilation air handling unit serving both rooms, and aged branch circuit panels dedicated to each lab were replaced. New LED lighting was installed. Plumbing and laboratory gas piping was removed within the project areas and replaced with new service piping run within the new casework.

The teaching lab heating and cooling system was supplemented with recirculating fan coil units. The ventilation system provides sufficient make-up air to allow use of the multiple high efficiency laboratory fume hoods. To provide a higher degree of safety for the students and instructors, individual bench-top exhaust snorkels were added to the lab, with new exhaust fans that transfer air to the building exhaust manifold and high velocity exhaust fans.

The research laboratory incorporates low velocity, laminar flow supply diffusers to allow reliable use of the fume hoods within.



Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering




3,430 Square Feet


Scholer Corporation


Synthesis, Incorporated

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