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Riverside Hall Renovation for Clinic and Teaching Facility

Indiana University South Bend

This project renovated an existing 11,000 square foot stand-alone building on the IU South Bend campus.Riverside Hall ad been an operational and teaching dental clinic for the university, but was abandoned for several years, before being renovated.

The building now operates as a community health center, with academic spaces for a functioning and teaching laboratory, pharmacy, classroom and student/faculty offices. The existing roof-mountedDX multi-zone air handling unit was replaced with a new variable volume air handler with hydronic reheat coils, to allow for a more efficient and environmentally comfortable medical office and teaching facility.

Loftus Engineering was responsible for all aspects of the mechanical, electrical and telecommunications design. All other building services were replaced, and a fire protection sprinkler system was added to the building. Lighting, lighting controls, general and equipment power, telecommunications, fire alarm and data systems were also designed to accommodate the building’s new function.



Mechanica Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Lighting Design
Plumbing & Piping Systems




11,000 Square Feet


Brett Hatchett
Senior Associate University Architect


Artekna Design

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